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About the Author

I write about games, collectibles, and pop culture merchandise.

I possess a Minor in Creative Writing with a BFA in Digital Media with Honors.

Magic The Gathering Article Example

Hey there fellow planeswalkers. Today we’re talking about power levels of Oathbreaker, so you don’t show up to your pod with overkill or underkill, and you can talk to your fellow players on a more...


Product Copy Example

Hello fellow normal human, please take heed to this very normal product description. [BUY] You don’t need any special glasses to see your true overlords in stunningly beautiful detail. [CONSUME] You may...

Product Copy Example

Ahsoka Tano has come to be quite the fan favorite, being featured in her original series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and having grown since then! Now you can show your love for her, by becoming one with...

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